Friday, 19 May 2017

6 Tools Everyone in the Content Writing Industry Should be Using

Today, content plays a vital role in every business. It can be in various forms like, web-content, social media content, corporate profiles, conventional documentation and a lot more. A quality content gives your business a look and feel of a professional brand. This is the reason why, almost every business these days prefer hiring professional writers to design their content strategy and write proficiently. Thus, it has become essentialfor content writers to follow international standards of content writing. For this purpose, there are some tools that are part of every successful website content writer’s checklist. Content Writing Services in Delhi

Here is the list of tools website content writers should start using to upsurge the worth of their content:

1.    Mailchimp

Mailchimp lets your express yourself to the world. It has a lot of features that help businesses in marketing their content. The core feature of Mailchimp is ‘generating email newsletters’. This way Mailchimp can be used by every website content writer to market their written content or their skills to potential clients. Mailchimphelps you create a list of subscribers and market your content to them, easily and effectively. MailChimp is free for up to 2,000 subscribers. With Mailchimp, designing your email newsletters is a piece of cake. You can now design creative and effective e-mail campaigns along with a powerful post-campaign analysis.

2.    WordPress

WordPress is a web software used to create beautiful websites or blogs. It is free as well as easy to use. It started as a simple blogging platform but eventually experienced explosive growth over the past several years and has become the ultimate content management system it is now! Besides being simple to use and customize, it offers many benefits to content writers and bloggers. Unlike other platforms, WordPress not only allows you to change the font face and background but also provides additional features due to which you are able to make an entire functioning website around your content. It has millions of themes for you to use and beautifully design a website by just a single click. You know the best thing about it? Google actually favors the WordPress blogs and websites. WordPress has built-in SEO plugins which give your blog an extra boost making you SEO friendly content Writer in India. So what’s the wait? Covert to it now!

3.    Editorial Calendars

This tool is actually self-developed. It is helpful to keep you organized and keep track of your posts. The easiest way to start keeping track is by making entries of your posts or blogs in an editorial calendar. You can easily do this on MS-Excel. Depending on how frequently you post stuff, you can plan your blogs from day to day, weekly or on monthly basis. Another very good option is provided by online calendars, the Google calendar in particular. It has a very decent and well-organized set up and keeps you on track by recording all the posts you create. So get organized and get on track!

4.    Hubspot’s Topic Generator

This is actually my personal favorite tool. Content writers usually run out of topics to write about. But then Hubspot comes to their rescue! It sometimes happens that you’re in a pinch and unable to think of a topic to write about. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator helps you to come up with a perfect and fresh idea or topic to write about. It is very easy to use: you simply enter 3 nouns relating to your industry and click a button for instant ideas for yourself. Some writers spend a lot of time thinking about their next topic but some aren’t really the type to sit and waste time thinking about it. This is the ideal and quite useful tool for such writers.

5.    Google Analytics

Bloggers want to know how much traffic is driving towards their blog and Google Analytics is the best tracking system for this purpose. This tool gives you a specific overview of the blogs that are performing well and drawing more traffic towards them, also mentioning the ones not making the cut. Google Analytics gives you the information about how engaged your audience is with your site and blogs using a bounce rate view. It also tracks traffic coming from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. There are a lot of other unexplored features of this tool that the writers can benefit from.

6.    WordfenceSecurity

Owning a blog comes with the possibility of it getting hacked. If you use WordPress, it offers an exclusive plugin named Wordfence. This alerts you about any potential threats to your blog or website including anonymous logins and security updates. Never forget to update your WordPress whenever requested by Wordfence because hackers can use outdated codes to enter your site. This can save you from a lot of trouble.

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