Monday, 26 August 2013

Collecting Printed Shot Glasses

There is some thing about printed shot glasses that appeal to me. I like anything printed with funny sayings and quotes. Some are actually funny and witty, while some are inspirational and thought-provoking. I have been collecting them pretty much half of my life. That may be what peeked my interest in these little sized glasses. Read more about us state shot glass

The size of a shot is still debated by numerous men and women considering that there's no specific definition for the size of a shot. Soon after some analysis, I located that New York came close to legislate the size of a shot in 1947 but however, the bill was not passed. Second in operating was the state of California and presently, the state of Utah changed their definition of a shot from one ounce to 1 and one-half ounces. Utah is presently the only state to have this law. While collecting numerous kinds more than the years, from printed to frosted to etched and to favor , I'm stuck inside a conundrum of deciding what it's I'm truly collecting. Is my collection depending on me collecting glasses or am I collecting the styles?

The factor is, I don't wish to define the way I gather my glasses. Looking at my huge collection, I can safely say that I collect them for their style at the same time as for the glass--since many them are available in various shapes but using the very same designs or same shaped glasses with distinctive designs. I can have one particular set of printed shot glasses all with the exact same designs but with a variety of sizes and their handles are of a diverse colour also.

I am also the owner of ones together with the similar designs, exact same shapes and in very same sizes. The only issue that sets them apart could be the reality that they all are available in various colors. I don't assume it's weird to become getting this kind of collection. I mean, I know girls who collect the same form of handbags in different colors to match their various colored outfits and I know men who collect the identical kind of watches-- only difference is the fact that the face in the watches are in distinctive colors or include a chronograph or some modest explicit feature. My all time preferred are printed shot glasses with witty and funny sayings.

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