Monday, 21 November 2016

super speedy lead time. See under for a brief description of our goods.

PAPER CONES - for textile yarn winding application

Application: Depending upon the application the specification in the cone varies. The common sizes inside the present Textile Industries are 9 Deg15', five Deg 57', four Deg 20', three Deg 30', and so forth. In all yarn winding application, tension in the traverse extremes pulls yarn towards the cone centre. So we've got to supply appropriate surface finish towards the cones like Embossing, Velvet Finishing, Flocking, and so forth. Get more details about Paper Core

PAPER TUBES - Our paper tubes have superb functions like water resistance.

They are available in all sizes for the distinct requirements and demands of a variety of industries. Paper tube features a large inventory of readily available goods and we are able to customize any order for that exceptional size and specification you'll need. With plants in four states spanning the West Coast we can assure a super speedy lead time. See under for a brief description of our goods.

EDGE PROTECTORS - Our Edge protectors are higly suitable for Edge protection of paper reels, flexible film rolls, aluminium sheet coils, laminates along with other reeled goods.

Advantages: Avoid Complaints, Claims and Lost Orders, Our Edge Protector is usually a low cost, hugely powerful solution to safeguard your solution in the course of storage or transit. By stopping damages to vulnerable edges and corners, BPC's Edge Protector stops customer complaints, cuts down rejections, reduces claims and prevents lost orders, Superior Protection and Enhanced Image, Light weight and effortless to utilize, BPC's Edge Protector improves your Corporation image, shows buyers that you care. Best for Stretch wrap Systems, BPC Edge Protector makes pallets highly rigid for improved stacking for the duration of warehousing or transit. It truly is perfect for use with stretch wrap systems, providing tighter wraps with no carton collapse, and significantly less threat of film puncture at corners.

COMPOSITE CANS - BPC's Composite Containers are made to suit the person needs of finish customers with distinct exclusive graphic designs plus the most attractive sales appeal for shelf/retailing, unique protection for the contents, easy handling with suitable handles.

BPC's Composite cans are widely utilised in following packaging:

Bread crumbs, Beer kits, Cocoa powders, Coffees, Coffee whiteners, Confectionary

Custard powders, Diet program drinks, Drink mixers, Hot Chocolate mixes, Nuts, Peanuts, Rice, Cakes, Snacks, Spices, Sugars, Tea, Chocolates, Asphalt compounds, Child soaps, Baking powders, Baking sodas, Cleaning gels, Citric acids, Infant Talc, Chemical substances, Acids.

Conical Bolt Boxes - We are the manufacturers of Paper Conical Bolt Boxes (Construction cones) in waxed & unwaxed surface.We are able to Supply you in many sizes especially in the following dimensions.

Different sizes available:
70 x 25 x 229 mm lg
92 x 29 x 305 mm lg
108 x 30 x 380 mm lg
108 x 30 x 457 mm lg
119 x 30 x 534 mm lg
133 x 30 x 610 mm lg
165 x 30 x 762 mm lg

Applications :A Conical Waxed Card Board tube is applied for Positioning (Holding down) bolts.

Specific Characteristics : Conical Bolt Box are Cheaper than Plastic Cones & Environment Friendly.
A waxed Card Board Cone can be cut away when no longer required.

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