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hunan beef

The hunan beef recipe to serve 4

The hunan Beef is a sizzling stir fried steak that has been prepared with ingredients like; Thai, ginger

 Hunan steak is popular for the fans of Chinese dishes and is mainly cooked in Chinese

restaurants. The dish can yet be customized to fit different individual needs but that demands a home

steak to meet your style. Get more details about what is hunan beef

To prepare this dish at the comfort of your kitchen; you will necessitate these ingredients;

1. One tbsp of soy sauce that is dark

2.A half (1/2) tablespoon salt

3. A tablespoonful of potato or corn starch

4. 12 ounces of beef steak rather boneless ribs

5. A tablespoon of the shaoxing wine, alternatively, medium-dry sherry would also do good

How to prepare hunan steak

For this Chinese hunan beef dish that is classic, you will require to shallow fry your meat to place the cornstarch

Coating and for the meat to turn tender out. To prepare the marinade sauce and to follow the process below;


You may need to blend the next salt, 2 tablespoons of wine or dry sherry, potato starch, 1 tablespoon of

Soy sauce and 3tablespoons of water in a bowl.

Freeze the steak for around 15 minutes afterward cutting will be simple - and add to the marinating. Let this sit in room


Prepare the side fixings this will call for cutting on the pepper, cumin, garlic and ginger into small

Pieces and in regulated amounts relating to style and your favorite tastes.


 Add the steak and stir for around

three minutes until it's cooked but still rare. Remove the beef carefully using a spoon into a plate. Keep

Three tablespoons in the wok for the process that is next


Temperatures add your spices to the oil; ginger, cumin, chillies, garlic, chili flakes and briefly stir fry

until they are fragrant. Then add you steak for this concoction and light soy sauce and continue stirring, add salt

to taste.


When your beef begins to sizzle and is fragrant, then add scallion greens and toss. Remove from

heat fully and stir in sesame oil.

This classic Chinese hunan steak dish is served with steamed rice and broccoli. It is special flavor and

tenderness is mouth watering.

This dish is recommended for special occasions including anniversaries, indoor date nights, and birthdays.

Very first time cooks with this meal are guided to reduce on the quantity of oil used to ensure this meal remains

 For many time cooks,modulate the amount of oil to suit your preference.

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