Wednesday, 18 May 2016

How To Make Kung Pao Chicken

A Chinese court, which is a classic: the Gong Bao chicken
宮保雞丁 (frequently called chicken Kung Po) of Szechuan cuisine. Possibly because it
is so substantially combines: it tastes very great, will attract many, can be easily prepared
and permits individual notes. And now - like the German friends like itself. And there, the Gong Bao Chicken is. Get extra details about kung pao chicken

250 g chicken
200 g peanuts
some grains Red pepper (or Sichuan pepper or ...)
1 to 5 small dried chillies (depending on the sharpness feeling ?)
1 tsp sugar | To Marinate: 1 egg white
1 bit of salt
2 to 3 tbs soy sauce
1 tbsp rice wine


1. Put the peanuts in a pan with tasteless oil and roast over medium heat and, stirring until they are fragrant and yellow. Additionally, there are fans who prefer cashews.
2. The fresh chicken meat in small pieces mince, add salt and add just a little rice wine and cold water. Added to: 1 tsp starch, 1 egg and soy sauce. All stir well and leave to marinate for 15
3. Mince Garlic and ginger. Add following enjoying chiles and the red pepper and fry in oil in a wok / pan.
4. Put the marinated poultry meat from Step 2 into it and fry. A teaspoon of sugar to give, perhaps to taste a little vinegar.
(You might want to additionally spring onions, mix or vegetables, such as peppers and morels.)
5. Now the finished peanuts come from measure 1 to. The meat and peanuts fry briefly and largely - stir well. simmer until
nearly all liquid is gone.

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