Friday, 10 February 2017

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in Business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers distinct benefits for the enterprise industry.  It has the capacity to modernize and simplify most of the processes which contributes to the success of the company.  For instance, the simple combination of the CRM and ERP makes sense.  It gives you a complete view of the different process that the customer had to take from the initial transaction up to the engagement.  Having an easier view and the capacity to analyze the data during the transaction gives you a competitive edge in the market.  With this kind of system, you will be able to analyze and manage data easily.

Microsoft Dynamics 365:  Benefits on Business

Apart from streamlining the process of the business, it also offers different benefits that your business can enjoy.  Here are some of them.

Increase Your Flexibility

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 incorporates various applications and programs that are suitable for a variety of business in different industries.  By using this program, you now have the opportunity to sign-up for a particular application that your business requires.  This allows you to manage your business on cloud and expand your business at a distinct pace.

Increased Productivity

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the ability to provide you a flawless productivity.  By assimilating various common programs such as Microsoft Excel and Outlook and utilizing them in terms of jobs, roles, and process in the business, the productivity in your business will become seamless.

It is an Intelligent Program

By utilizing Power BI and Cortana, you can use the intelligence of this application in your business.  You will be able to assist your customers and your employee to find, examine and apply data that can immensely improve your decision making.

It Gives Your Business the Ability to Adapt

Being able to adjust in different environment and circumstances is one of the major contributors in the success of the business.   By utilizing the built-in applications in the Microsoft Dynamics 365, the speed in the process of your business will be increased.  This will allow you to evolve, adjust and adapt your process by using extensible, consistent and modern platform that is not limited with the technology.

Anyone running a business should definitely consider using Microsoft Dynamics 365.  Microsoft provides you a comprehensive platform that promotes security, intelligence, and productivity.  These are the fundamental elements when shifting in a digital technology.  In addition, it also has the capacity to integrate with the existing Microsoft platforms such as Azure and office 365.

In today’s scenario, the sales team is compelled to shift between the various apps of the business such as CRM, Outlook, Social media platforms and others.  By choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365, they will have an access to a dashboard that contains all the essential data needed by the business which streamlines all the process.

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