Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Hillary Clinton's Very first Seven Years As President

The hoopla of Hillary Clinton's landslide election for the presidency will barely be over when a harsh reality check will hit. Inside the year 2017, the Seven Seals of your Revelation of Jesus Christ start to unfold. As a matter of reality, every single year of her presidency correlate with on the list of seven seals. Get far more information about President Hillary Clinton

How do we know this? What will come about? Why will it take place?

1. How do we know the seven seals and the Hillary presidency dovetail? As outlined by the Dome on the Rock Prophecy, the "Abomination that maketh desolate" will likely be removed plus the Third Temple is going to be setup in its place (on the Temple mount in Jerusalem) in the year 2023. Since the seven seals of the Revelation represent the seven years preceding that momentous occasion, each and every year features a prominent peril linked. God often warns prior to sending perilous instances our way. He loves us.

2. What will happen for the duration of these seven years? Inside the 1st year, the first seal of your Revelation is opened. This is the White Horse and his rider. The rider is offered a Bow. He circles the globe conquering and to conquer. The word "bow" indicates that this judgment is sent long-distance, swift, and profitable. Every thing about this prophecy indicates that the massing Muslim minions around the world will orchestrate a Tsunami of Terror in 2017.

Within the second year, the second seal opens and brings the Red Horse. In just her second year of her presidency, Hillary finds that Peace is taken in the earth. No Peace. No exactly where. Taken. Neighbor against neighbor, state against state, nation against nation. The second year, obviously, could be the result with the initially year.

In Hillary's third year, comes the Black horse. Death, followed closely by hell. This really is the black horse. World-wide sickness and death final results from the disrupted infrastructure that occurred in her very first two years. Contaminated water and soil, downed bridges rails and energy lines, and every single conceivable result of terror of 2017 and 2018 will translate into "Death and hell" in 2019. Read the other 5 seals of your Revelation and weep for our globe.

3. But lastly, why will this come about? As within the days of Noah, and as inside the days of Lot down in Sodom, the Lord's patience when once again is running short. The wickedness of man is now come up again in to the nostrils of a Holy God. He does not approve from the way of life and behavior of mankind which he created. He has been patient, o so merciful. He has sent warnings to no avail. Woe! Woe! Woe!

But there is hope! How did Noah escape? How did Lot get out of Sodom? How can we be spared in the impending doom?

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